Daryl Hall & John Oates to perform at The Great GoogaMooga Festival!

We are excited to announce that Daryl Hall & John Oates will be performing at  
The Great GoogaMooga, the highly anticipated food, drink and music  
festival set to take place in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on May 19 and  
20, 2012.

General Admission at GoogaMooga is free but attendees must register to  
obtain a ticket to the event; concessions in General Admission are  
priced individually. With Extra Mooga, GoogaMooga's all-inclusive paid  
ticketed experience, guests have exclusive viewing of the Main Stage  
shows and access to 20 different events per day, ranging from music to  
comedy, culinary seminars, cocktail demos, wine and beer tastings and  
theme parties.

For more information and tickets please visit The Great GoogaMooga  
online at

To find GoogaMooga on Facebook and Twitter please visit googamooga 
 and @GoogaMooga.