"Let The Rain" brand new single from Margo Rey, co-written with John Oates

“Let The Rain,” the new single from singer/songwriter Margo Rey will be digitally released on the Organica Music Group Record Label on August 16, 2011. “Let The Rain” was co-written by Margo Rey and John Oates. This will be the first release from Rey’s forthcoming CD which will feature additional songs written by Rey and Oates. The album was produced by Margo Rey, Michael Blakey and Elton Ahi.


When describing the song, Margo comments: “Let The Rain” is about finding solace in a time of adversity. I have very fond memories of my mother, my sister and I running outside, high heels and all and reveling in a vigorous summer rain shower.  I personally always found it funny that even on a warm day, the slightest bit of precipitation would make people scatter and take cover as if they were going to rust or melt like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard Of Oz. I have found that the challenging times are the times when I have grown and learned the most about myself and others. The “rain” is a metaphor for letting these times wash over me and sanctify me and allow me to be in the moment. I am honored that John Oates and I were able to collaborate on this song over pie and coffee in his lovely home and begin a new friendship for years to come.”


Adds John Oates: “I didn't know a lot about Margo Rey when we first met but when she began to sing I knew that there was something very special in her voice and presence. Collaborating with a writer you don't know very well can sometimes be a real crap shoot but in this case it seemed like it was meant to be. Margo brought a lot to the table with provocative lyric ideas and a sophisticated melodic sense.  I think we wrote three songs the first session and of the three, “Let The Rain” really stood out.  I love the feminine perspective she brings to the verse imagery and there was never a doubt that she would deliver vocally when it came time to record.  Every time I hear “Let The Rain,” I can't get it out of my head for days... that's a very good thing!  By the way, she also plays a mean shaker.” 


Margo Rey was born in Acapulco, Mexico and laid her professional foundation with over a decade of classical music training under the exclusive tutelage of classical voice professor Dr. Luther Stripling. At the age of 16, Rey fronted an all female rock band Debutante (The Debs,) who toured the U.S. as well  as overseas and also sang in a 3 piece power pop band called the Ritual before beginning a career in jazz. After becoming the band leader for the Latin/Jazz R&B Sextet Miss Margo and the Lost Souls, Rey was signed to an indie label (Exitos-Latinos) where she recorded a Tejano/Pop Spanish album. This release boasted one top five and two top twenty singles.  She soon caught the attention of actor Edward James Olmos who recommended her for a principal role in the bound for Broadway musical Selena Forever. This led to a number of theatre credits including Saturday Night Fever, Latin Heat, Like Jazz, Senor Discretion Himself, Zorro and Canta Lunga. During this time period she began crafting and touring her own original music that she calls “Organica.”


“Let The Rain” will be serviced to AC Radio on August 8th and the song will be available on all digital outlets including iTunes and on August 16th.