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Live At The Troubador
(2008 - U-Watch Records/Shout Factory)
Track Listing:
Disc 1: Everything Your Heart Desires (Daryl Hall)
Disc 1: When The Morning Comes (Daryl Hall)
Disc 1: Family Man (Tim Cross/Rick Fenn/Mike Frye/Mike Oldfi
Disc 1: Say It Isn't So (Daryl Hall)
Disc 1: It's Uncanny (Daryl Hall)
Disc 1: Had I Known You Better Then (John Oates)
Disc 1: She's Gone (Daryl Hall/John Oates)
Disc 1: Getaway Car (Gary Haase/Billy Mann)
Disc 1: Cab Driver (Louis Brown/Alan Gorrie/Daryl Hall)
Disc 2: One On One (Daryl Hall)
Disc 2: Sara Smile (Daryl Hall/John Oates)
Disc 2: Maneater (Sara Allen/Daryl Hall/John Oates)
Disc 2: Out Of Touch (Daryl Hall/John Oates)
Disc 2: I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) (Sara Allen/Da
Disc 2: Rich Girl (Daryl Hall)
Disc 2: Kiss On My List (Janna Allen/Daryl Hall)
Disc 2: You Make My Dreams (Sara Allen/Daryl Hall/John Oates
Disc 2: Abandoned Luncheonette (Daryl Hall)
Disc 2: Private Eyes (Sara Allen/Janna Allen/Daryl Hall/War
DVD: Everything Your Heart Desires
DVD: When The Morning Comes
DVD: Family Man
DVD: Say It Isn't So
DVD: It's Uncanny
DVD: Had I Known You Better Then
DVD: She's Gone
DVD: Getaway Car
DVD: Cab Driver
DVD: One On One
DVD: Sara Smile
DVD: Maneater
DVD: Out of Touch
DVD: I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
DVD: Rich Girl
DVD: Kiss On My List
DVD: You Make My Dreams
DVD: Abandoned Luncheonette
DVD: Private Eyes
Extras: All New Interviews with Daryl Hall &